Call Or Email Our Certified Mediums

Call or email our Certified Mediums for a phone reading or
to schedule a Spirit Reading in person.  You may also come
on the second Sunday each month and get a Mini-Reading
without an appointment.

Reverend Leslie Lee Chaillou, N.S.T.


Ordained Minister, Certified Medium

15 years experience

(941) 855-1245 (cell)

Reverend Jean Kerr Lerch, N.S.T 

Ordained Minister, Certified Medium 

20+ years experience 

(407) 719-9790 (cell)

Reverend Marilyn Awtry, N.S.T.

Florida Missionary NSAC

Ordained Minister, Certified Medium

30+ years experience


What is a Psychic Medium ?

We believe that mediumship is not foreign to our physical and mental bodies but instead a natural part of our being. All people are born with the ability to communicate in the language of Spirit as a medium. Like reading and mathematics some are better at it than others, because like reading and math it takes practice to hone the skills, like building a muscle. A psychic is one who uses their intuitive self to read the natural flow of energy that surrounds us all. A psychic is able to tune in to this energy and glean information about the sitter that may or may not come true. Energy is not stagnant. It is in constant motion. Our future changes with every decision we make. There are many paths for us to choose from. A medium is one who communicates with people/spirit who no longer has a physical apparatus/body. We believe that when the body decays and dies that the consciousness of that individual continues on intact in Spirit. A medium is one who can hear, see, or sense these "spirit people" and communicate their loving words back to the physical world.  According to the Spiritualist Manual "A medium is one whose organism is sensitive to vibrations from the Spirit World and through whose instrumentality intelligences in that world are able to convey messages and produce the phenomena of Spiritualism". 

Certified Mediums are available for private readings by phone or in person.   A reading is a process whereby the medium aligns their higher self with that of Spirit and that of the client's higher self.  The higher self is an extension of Spirit, and allows the medium to see, hear or sense those people from the Spirit side with whom they are in contact.

Mini-Readings are also available the second Sunday of every month 12 - 3 pm (10-15 minutes for a $20 donation) at church.  No appointment necessary.  Come early to select the Certified Medium of your choice or enjoy messages from one of our student Medium's circle.   Come early and enjoy our healing service and potluck dinner.

People schedule readings for many reasons, although the primary purpose of a sitting with a medium is to provide proof of the continuity of life and meaningful guidance from the spiritual realm.  Some people come in times of personal crisis, hoping for clarification of a situation.  Some feel a reading puts life into perspective and brings clarity to decision making.  Some find that a reading will help them discover their passions, or will reveal blocks in their life.  A reading may also be used when one needs affirmation or confirmation on a situation, such as in 

a career change.

A Note From The Pastor: 

Reverend Leslie Chaillou, N.S.T.

   I have studied religion since a young teenager. I  have been involved in Catholicism, Methodism, Christian Science, Spiritualism, and the New Age Movement. Not in that order however. My strong desire was to find a place where my belief systems aligned with the church.  A place where I could fit in,  After many years of serving various churches in several  capacities, I learned that our inner belief systems will never fully align with others, because our personal life path is unique. I  decided to study to  become an Ordained Minister, finding Spiritualism closest to my inner beliefs,

hoping that I could  one day create a place where everyone

would be comfortable. I have been Pastor of two churches  with very specific ideology . I am an NSAC  Ordained Minister, NSAC Certified Medium, National  Spiritualist Teacher, and a spiritual healer. I was blessed as an empath and medium since childhood. I believe we are all blessed with gifts. It is time to create a different type of church. One where we all can be involved regardless of our spiritual choices.  I am compassionate about empowering others to  remember who they are, and to assist them in learning how to listen and find the answers that await  within them. I am passionate about creating a community that serves humanity.

Bio: Reverend Jean Kerr Lerch, N.S.T.

The Reverend Jeannie Kerr Lerch is a NSAC Ordained Minister, Certified Medium, Commissioned Spiritualist Healer, and National Spiritualist Teacher and has served as Pastor and co-Pastor of the Spiritualist Church of Awareness in Orlando, Florida.  She has served as Trustee on the NSAC Board, is currently on the Board of Directors for the Morris Pratt Institute, and is a member of  the International Spiritualist Federation.

She speaks to Philosophy and Comparative Religion classes at the University of Central Florida, Valencia Community College, Rollins College, and the Florida Hospital School of Nursing.  She has written articles for The National Spiritualist Summit magazine, and was awarded the Summit Centennial Cover Design Award in 1993. These are pictures of her at the Women in Religion seminar, March 31, 2009 where she represented our church and the religion of Spiritualism.

Bio: Reverend Marilyn Awtry, N.S.T.

( bio coming soon)

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