• 1975 Spiritualist Church of Awareness chartered by NSAC with 15 founding members (May).
  • 1975 Storefront rented for services in Winter Park.
  • 1984 Bought and moved into current church.
  • 1989  Rev. Pamela K. Ward transitioned (January 24).
  • 1991 Hosted 99th NSAC Annual Convention (October) 
  • 1992 Rev. Elizabeth R. Edgar transitioned  
  • May 15,1992 Rev. E. Ann Otzelberger ordained 
  • December 5,1993 Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch ordained 
  • June 26 to 2009 Rev. E. Ann Otzelberger and Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch Co-Pastors 
  • Church Paid in full, Church Fashion Show ,New Roof installed after Hurricane.
  • 2000 Rev. Elaine S. Hager ordained
  • May 15, 2003 Rev. Sharon A. Watson ordained. 
  • November 19,2005  New lighted exterior sign installed in honor of Betty McConell 
  • November 23, 2007 Church Sanctuary upgraded (new design, paint and carpet).
  • 2007 1st Pastoral Appreciation Day-May 
  • October, 2007 Rev. Tammi Jo Anderson ordained at Maine NSAC convention
  • November 25, 2007  Rev. Leslie Chaillou ordained in the Hendersonville, North Carolina by Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch
  • November 25,2008 Church exterior upgraded (new fence and church paint),
    Gazebo purchased and Meditation Garden installed.
  • 2008 2nd Pastoral Appreciation Day
  • June ,2008 1st Spirit Fun Fest 
  • September 20,2009 2nd Spirit Fun Fest 
  • April 25,2009 3rd Pastoral Appreciation Day 
  • May 17, 2009 Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch, Pastor 
  • May 17,2009 Booth at Orlando Veg Fest 
  • October 24,2010 Rev. Leslie Chaillou, Pastor 
  • May 1, 2010 4th Pastoral Appreciation Day 
  • May 16,2010 118th NSAC Convention (October 4-8 )
  • March 18, 2012 Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch, Pastor
  • March 2017, The Pastoral Counsel  begins their  duties and a search for a new Pastor. 
  • January 21, 2018 Rev. Leslie Chaillou becomes Pastor .

The Church's Beginning

 "The Spiritualist Church of Awareness was chartered in May of 1975. Founding members included: Thomas Berkner, Elizabeth Edgar, Amelia and Nicholas Sourant, James and Elizabeth McConnell, Dorothy Riser, Virginia and Willie Starling, Sara Lee Person, Cheryl Ann Kohler, Diane Davis, Sandy and Edward O. Budd, and Estelle Henry.

For a short time the church services were held in the homes of the members.  Within a few months a store front in Winter Park was rented.  Wooden bookshelves were made, and a system to record sermons was installed.  The Rev. Pamela K. Ward, N.S.T. and the Rev. Elizabeth R. Edgar were ordained in the church when services were still being held in the store front.  Mae Graves Ward and the Rev. D. Mona Berry were among those who helped the church by conducting services during that time.
The church's Rev. Elizabeth R. Edgar Library exists due to the generous gift of books from her personal collection.  At the 1991 N.S.A.C. Convention, Rev. Elizabeth R. Edgar was granted the title of Secretary, Emeritus of the N.S.A.C.  She was a Certified Medium and Commissioned Healer.  Rev. Edgar made her transition to spirit on May 15, 1992.

The Rev. Jean Kerr Lerch, N.S.T. was ordained on June 26, 1993.  She served as Pastor of the Spiritualist Church of Awareness until March 2017, when she retired  as Pastor but continued to serve the church

and is a Certified Medium, Commissioned Healer, and National Spiritualist Teacher.  Rev. Lerch serves as Secretary of the National Spiritualist Teachers Club, The N.S.A.C. Missionaries Society, and the Bureau of Phenomenal Evidence Committee.  She has represented the religion of Spiritualism at Rollins College.  She participated in the healing seminar at the N.S.A.C. Centennial Convention in Chicago.  Rev. Lerch has written a pamphlet for Potential New Members that is distributed by the N.S.A.C. office, and was presented with the N.S.A.C. Summit Centennial Cover Design Award.  She teaches classes in the church and has served as President on the church Board of Directors. 

On January 21, 2018 during a special membership meeting, The Reverend Leslie Chaillou was voted in as Pastor.

* Dottie Riser- Secretary, Jim McConnell - Trustee, Virginia Starling - Treasurer, Nick Sourant - President, Betty Edgar - Trustee, Jim Henry - Trustee and Tom Berkner - Vice President