History of The Spiritualist Church of Awareness (TSCoA)

The Spiritualist Church of Awareness was founded in May 1975. The 15 founding members filed with the NSAC for a Church Charter. Charter No. FL637 was granted. The Founders were Thomas Berkner, Sandy & Edward O. Budd, Diane Davis, Elizabeth Edgar, Estelle Henry, Cheryl Ann Kohler, James & Elizabeth McConnell, Sara Lee Person, Willie & Virginia Starling, and Nicholas & Amelia Sourant.

The First Board of Directors of the newly formed church were Nicholas “Nick” Sourant, President –Thomas “Tom” Berkner, Vice President –Dorothy “Dottie” Riser, Secretary –Virginia Starling, Treasurer – Trustees, James “Jim” McConnell, Elizabeth “Betty” Edgar, and Jim Henry.

For a short period of time, church services were held in the member’s homes. Within a few months, a store front was rented in Winter Park. Wooden bookshelves were constructed and a system installed to record the sermons. Pamela K. Ward, NST was ordained in 1975 under NSAC Bylaws and became Pastor. Elizabeth R Edgar was also ordained. Mae Graves Ward, a Licentiate Minister and the Rev. D. Mona Berry, both credentialed by NSAC, were among those who assisted the church by conducting services. In 1984, the church purchased and moved into the property at 3210 N. Chickasaw Trail, Winter Park, Florida. On January 24, 1989, the Rev. Pamela K. Ward made her transition. 

In October 1991, The SCoA hosted the NSA Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. At the NSAC Convention, the Rev. Elizabeth R. Edgar was granted the title of Secretary Emeritus of the NSAC. She has held credentials as a Certified Medium and Commissioned Healer. The Rev. Elizabeth Edgar made her transition to the Spirit World on May 15, 1992. Up until the present time, The Rev. Elizabeth R. Edgar Library continues to house the generous gift of books from her personal collection.

The Rite of Ordination was granted to several members who had completed the required studies:

1984  – The Rev. Pamela Ward, NST 

Dec 5, 1992 -- The Rev. Ann Otzelberger, NST

Jun 26, 1993 -- The Rev. Jean K. Lerch, NST 

Nov 19, 2000 -- The Rev. Elaine Hager, NST

Nov 23, 2003 -- The Rev. Sharon A. Watson, NST

Oct 2007 -- The Rev. Tammi Jo Anderson, NST

Nov 2009 -- The Rev. Leslie Chaillou, NST

Pastors of the Church have been:

1993 – The Revs. Ann Otzelberger, NST and Jean K. Lerch, NST 

served as co-pastors until 2009.

May 17, 2009 – The Rev. Jean K. Lerch, NST 

May 15, 2010 -- The Rev. Leslie Chaillou, NST

Mar 18, 2012 -- The Rev. Jean K. Lerch, NST. Retired in 2017

Jan 2018 – The Rev. Leslie Chaiilou, NST.  Resigned 2018