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Sunflower is a symbol of Spiritualism and here is why...

"As the sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun, so let Spiritualism turn the face of humanity to the light of truth."


Upcoming EVENTS


This activity is  held on the third 

Sunday of every month

You are invited to join in with like minds in attracting 

Spirit and their message.

Time: 1 P.M.

Place: Spiritualist Church of Awareness Sanctuary

Fee: Donation


Date: Saturday - September 28th

Time: Doors close at 7:20 P.M.  -  Seance begins at 7:30 P.M.

Place:  Fellowship Hall

Fee: $25.00

Limited Seating:  Make your reservation now.

Social & light Refreshments follow

**Note: To accommodate those who may not make this Seance, we will have a Table-Tipping Seance January 25th, 2020



Student's Night  is the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month

Open Forum on the 2nd Wednesday

Type of Service on the 4th Wednesday TBA

Anything special you might like, let us know.


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Board Members:

Annette Brown, President

Rosie Sweat, Vice President

Ron Lerch, Secretary

Dabra Huneycutt, Treasurer

Chris Jackson, Trustee

For more information on Spiritualism 


The Spiritualist Church of Awareness

3210 N.Chickasaw Trail, Orlando, FL. 32817

(407) 678-3688


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