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Sunflower is a symbol of Spiritualism and here is why...

"As the sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun, so let Spiritualism turn the face of humanity to the light of truth."


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Wednesday, December 19 at 7:30

This annual service offers an evening of holiday music, private Medium’s Session by candlelight. Celebrate the peace, love, and laughter of the season with us.

MULTICULTURAL / ETHINIC Diversity Holiday Potluck Lunch

Sunday the 23rd December 2018

We would like to  remind everyone of our annual … Multicultural/ethnic diversity Holiday potluck lunch. This is where everyone is invited to bring a dish that reminds them of past(or hopefully) family traditions possibly relating to their particular ethnic background. It can be something that you or your family traditionally serves or has at gatherings this time of year. 

Let’s have fun friends.


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Board Members:

Annette Brown, President

Rosie Sweat, Vice President

Ron Lerch, Secretary

Dabra Huneycutt, Treasurer

Chris Jackson, Trustee

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