Meditation Types



Meditation has been defined in many ways. It can be said it is a time to reflection of the conscious mind somewhat different than the normal waking state. It is a technique of experiencing the consciousness within. It is being still and examining ourselves and subjects needing clarification that provides for inner growth. In our conscious state we often find the mind to be undisciplined, often wandering into various states. Meditation provides a time to be in the silence and allow our mind to ponder a subject. Mediation leads to enlightenment.


Guided Meditation 

Guided Meditation can be defined as entering a meditative state by listening to the voice and words of a trained practitioner. In so doing, you follow the voice leading you into a state of peacefulness where your consciousness attunes to a higher vibration. It is soothing to the body, mind, and spirit.

In most Spiritualist Churches, a guided meditation is provided during the Healing Services. In others, rather than words guiding you, peaceful music echoes through the sanctuary while others take seats for hands-on-healing.

More Meditation Videos

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